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digital transformation

How to Get on Board With the Digital Transformation [+ Templates]

HubSpot published an interesting how-to about digital transformation:
Ten years ago, I couldn't have cared less if the new burger place downtown had a website. Now, I don't trust one that doesn't.
You can find the whole article in the HubSpot​ Blog. Reading time: 7-8 minutes

Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2019

Here's an interesting article about Content Marketing for you:
It’s no secret that traditional forms of marketing, which interrupt audience members, are less effective than they once were for reaching prospects and converting leads into customers. That’s why content marketing has become a popular way for businesses to reach and engage their target audience.
You can find the whole article in the HubSpot​ Blog. Reading time: 9 minutes

Content Marketing

The State of Content Marketing 2019 [Infographic]

An interesting article​ about ​Content Marketing:
The results of the third annual State of Content Marketing Survey are now in — the findings include victories, challenges, and trends. With three years of data behind us, we can see just how much growth the content marketing world has achieved.
Read more at the HubSpot​ Blog!


The 11 Best Marketing Automation Software Tools in 2019

We have an informative post about Marketing Automation: A majority of businesses are using some form of marketing automation nowadays — in fact, studies cite around 51% of businesses currently use the technology, and that number continues to grow.
You can find the whole article in the HubSpot​ Blog. Reading time: 5-6 minutes


What Is Semi-Structured Data?

An interesting article​ about ​structured data: To consider what semi-structured data is, let's start with an analogy — interviewing. You can find the whole article in the HubSpot​

Content Marketing

The 19 Best Content Marketing Tools in 2019

Here's an informative article about Content Marketing: While no content marketing tool can replace a solid strategy and talented humans, having the right tech stack can certainly help