Saim Rolf Alkan

Saim Rolf Alkan at the AXCD 2018 in Berlin
Saim at the AXCD 18, Berlin

Saim is a great speaker and author, very experienced and popular. He is founder and CEO of AX Semantics. He loves content and technology. Saim is passionated by the idea of combining those two things and changing the world of writing effectivly in the age of digitalization. Hearing him speaking, you will be addicted by his passion for content and technology. The best about Saim: he thinks strategic and practical at the same time. You will always have great takeaways and ideas from his talks.

Saim Alkan at the Frankfurter Tag des Online-Journalismus: 
“I’ve arrived as your enemy but I will leave as your friend!”

Topics he talks about are:

  • AI and communication
  • Writing in the age of digitalization
  • Digital Transformation Content and technology
  • Content and technology
  • Writing for the web