Natural Language Generation

Automate your Content creation by using Natural Language Generation as part of your authoring process. Modern “text robot” tools allow editors to scale – irrespective if product descriptions, white and yellow pages or reportings.

The Future Now: Hybrid Content Editing

Your demand for content is growing exponentially and you can’t handle it with manpower alone? Then you’ll be like most successful companies. We have the solution: Hybrid Content Editing. The following shows how you can react quickly and effectively to the challenges. Growing demand for Content There is agreement on this: without editors our economy would be paralysed. There would

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How you can finally work with humans

An expert rant with four theses and an anecdote about successfully introducing game-changer technologies into established organizations Today, AX Semantics is a pure-breed software company: We have this cutting edge AI thingy that solves a bleeding neck problem for companies that create content on a regular basis, we eat, sleep and …breathe agile methods and if we do something, we 

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Automated Content Marketing

How to boost your content from 0 to 100 within 1 day.

Content Marketing is important, without a doubt! But let’s be honest, it’s also very difficult to get done. Where to start? Who is our audience? What are they interested in? How can I publish stories frequently with my small staff? We are about to tell you how to leverage your content marketing potential in just one day. Whether you start

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