Natural Language Generation

What is Natural Language Generation?

As the name suggests, Natural Language Generation is a form of AI process that creates content through a generation-type method, using input data and information to produce copy for a wide range of different functionalities. This can include anything from the creation of internal reports to the development of custom long-form content for websites and similar applications. Also known as NLG, this form of generation is different from other language generation tools, both in the way it functions and in terms of its primary purpose. Natural Language Generation is one of the most advanced forms of content generation, because of the additional level of comprehension and functionality it requires – both in terms of specific languages and often because of the differences in language use between locations.

In Natural Language Generation, content is created in a similar way to how human behaviour is used to form words and writing. Often, this content is used as a basis for templates, that can then be customised by-hand to achieve massive amounts of content creation without the required time and input by a ‘real person’. NLG is a sophisticated and highly designed form of AI that is created, and used, for specific purposes. Content created using Natural Language Generation can be highly tailored and targeted to a particular audience, transitioning challenging to read information or data into a more understandable form.

Often, it is seen as the opposite to the also-popular Natural Language Understanding, a form of computer process where the existing language is broken down into structured and easy to understand data. Natural Language Generation provides the opposite function, taking data and transforming it into readable, grammatically accurate copy that can be used online, in reports and many other places.

How is Natural Language Generation used?

Natural Language Generation is an increasingly popular tool used by businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes. It provides an effective and practical way to translate large volumes of data into meaningful copy that is easier to understand, more functional to use and more deliberate in the targeting of its audience. Some of the main uses for NLG include:

Creating readable reports for business and scientific data

One of the primary design functionalities of Natural Language Generation is the ability to turn raw information into easy to understand reports and documents, especially when it comes to high volumes of data or information that require precise translation. NLG takes these pieces of information, and using the AI it is equipped with, creates content that reflects the results and analysis of this data. This functionality makes NLG highly suited for finance, scientific and business fields where accurate reporting and credible reports are a must. This also applies for the used of NLG for reporting statuses and maintenance within both closed databases and broader systems

Generating high-volume content for web applications and mobile tools

Alongside more traditional data-driven content, Natural Language Generation can also be used to produce high volumes of relevant, grammatically-accurate content for use in the population of websites, mobile applications and more. While this content may still need amendment and additional input, especially with more emotive language and localisation, NLG can be used as a tool to reduce the time and energy spent on creating volumes of content that would otherwise be high-cost if completed directly by a human. Utilising an understanding of the target audience and the ability to mimic styles of speech and tone, NLG tools are capable of creating highly effective and high-quality content quickly and easily.

Producing customer communications that are personalised to requirements

While it may seem like the least apparent use of Natural Language Generation, this unique functionality is one of the key benefits of using AI within a business that provides active customer service. A well-designed and targeted NLG system can offer efficient customer communications and support, commonly seen as an AI chat function on many different brands’ websites and platforms. NGL is perfectly designed to this functionality, thanks to its ability to be flexible depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

Who uses Natural Language Generation?

Natural Language Generation is used by countless businesses around the world, as well as by individuals in need of the fast, convenient and accurate creation of large volumes of content. As the modern version of a ‘text robot’, NLG is far more reliable, functional and practical than past AI iterations, making it a valuable addition to the toolkit across countless businesses and industries. Content creation can be a strain on many services where there isn’t a budget to hire copywriters or content creators for high volumes of text creation. Still, NLG provides a solution to create that content quickly and easily without the need for additional costs.

Beyond the convenience and effectiveness of Natural Language Generation, content automation is also a valuable and practical way to gain access to reporting quickly and easily, in a format that’s designed to be readable and understandable. The ability to effectively target an audience, and create content based on these specific requirements and the data provided, makes NLG uniquely suited for the creation of business reports and essential data analysis in sectors such as scientific studies, financial industries and business development and analysis.

Finally, Natural Language Generation is also a valuable and highly effective option for web developers and application designers, providing a quick and easy way to populate content within a platform to offer cohesive designs and accurate representations to their clients. While, when used in this functionality, NLG may require extra input to ensure accuracy and brand compatibility, it still provides a fast and practical way to automate content creation without incurring high content creation costs.

Is Natural Language Generation for me?

If you think Natural Language Generation might be the ideal choice of content automation for your requirements, you’re not alone. Join countless businesses bringing AI into their day-to-day processes to discover precisely why AI content generation might be the solution you need. Contact us today to find out more, or take a look at our existing content and articles to learn a little more about what Natural Language Generation could do for you.
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