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Nightingale Community Academy is a sponsored special academy with nearly 90 students. The primary school is stationed in London. Contact the school on 0208 8749096 or Visit for more information.

Currently, the school in London provides 90 students with a valuable education. The students’ age varies from 5-19 of which 7 are at the age of 11. At the time of the test on the school roll, there are 10000 boys and girls. Nightingale Community Academy has scoring high scores in key stage 1 while 60% of the students meeting the medium cohort. 40% of the students have shown to score low cohort in the key stage 1. The average score is recorded at 10.7.

In key stage 2, Nightingale Community Academy includes 6 disadvantaged students.

Reports of Nightingale Community Academy

With reading progress measured at, the lower confidence limit is and the upper at with a total coverage of. While the average scaled score for reading is 96, 29% of the students are reaching the expected standard in reading and of the students are scoring high in reading with 0% absent or unable to access the test in reading.

The coverage for writing logged at with the standard progress measured at, the lower confidence limit at and the upper confidence limit reaching. Of the students reaching the expected standard and working at a greater depth within the expected score while 14% of the students are working towards the expected standard. 14% of the students were absent or unable to access the test. Considering the writing skills of the students in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spellings, of the students are reaching the expected standard while is scoring high score while the average score set at 89. 43% of the students were absent or unable to access the test.

Maths progress measure is at Nightingale Community Academy, with lower confidence limit to and upper confidence limit to with a coverage of. Of the student reaching the expected level and of the students achieving extraordinary scores in math with the average score measured at 85 with a 43% absenteeism.

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