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The multinational professional services network Deloitte uses our software to create automatic reports for risk strategies, credit profiles and company descriptions.

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There has been a rating improvement from AA to AAA. The positive rating change is primarily attributable to profit (+33%). Current loan amount has fallen to 9.0 mEUR (last year: 10.0 mEUR) with a net limit of 2.0 mEUR. The original loan amount is 10.0 mEUR with a term of seven years. The collateral in the amount of 7.00 mEUR is arranged in the form of real estate and hasn’t changed from last year. The LTV is thus 129% and the DSCR is 542% with a remaining term of six years. The increase in FCF (+7082%) is striking, mainly due to the decrease of the OPEX (-7%). Also noteworthy is the DSCR profit (+26%), which is also attributable to the decrease in OPEX (-7%). (…)

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